Automation by using
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things


Robotic Process Automation

  • If you are doing routine tasks such as data entry and calculations on your PC every day, automation is not difficult.
  • Change the way you work with your free time by automating it!

Price: From 150,000 JPY-

Internet of things

  • You can use thermo sensor and/or humidity sensor you can check everywhere these value through internet browser. (for agriculture or factory)
  • If you have big data you will use artificial intelligence for prediction the future value.
  • As option you can add alarm information to your e-mail when equipment has error.

Price: From 100,000 JPY- ( not include equipment)

Traffic measurement

  • You need a good camera but if you have good photo or movie to measure traffic, you can count passed car / people etc.. by using artificial intelligence.
  • If you have big data you will use artificial intelligence for prediction the future value.

Price: From 800,000 JPY- ( not include equipment)

Your own artificial intelligence

  • We also have own artificial intelligence ‘Salbobot

Price: From 1,000,000 JPY- (not include equipment)

Automation social media upload

  • you can upload automatically your comments and/or photo and/or movie in your social media !

Price: From 80,000 JPY-

Automatic information collection from internet

  • You can add weather or temperature information from other site.
  • Web scraping

Price: From 150,000 JPY-

Heat Map

Amount of walking people on street
  • Automatic information collection walking people from their mobile MAC address.
  • You can see here our heat map in Takayama city.

Price: From 380,000 JPY- (not include equipment)

Your own Web Map

We can use Google map API.

Price: From 200,000 JPY-

Game Production

  • We can create simple games.
  • You can enjoy Salbobot Daifugō on this website.

Price: From 200,000 JPY-


【Payment: Japanese Yen.We will use stripe (You can use credit card) 】
65% Contract.
35% When we send our product.
We are very welcome to contact us if you have any question !
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