With Covid & After Covid

We start our tour Company from 2019 but our business was Collapsed because for Covid-19. But we are struggling as a company because of our customer (tourist) will not come back whithin few years. So we decided to start internet business. Because we had good skill programmer to built homepage to make local artificial intelligence ‘Salbobot’ to analyze our street to make our original map etc…

We will help your business as we did ourselves. but we are in Takayama city in Japan. so we will delivery our product to use internet (by e-mail, upload on internet ,etc..) also after delivered support. we faced with difficulties such as Covid situation and our life style is changing by this pandemic. we thought one of the reason IT/IOT/Artificial intelligence technology will improving this few years. and lot’s of people in the city they are working from their home and their lifestyle was dramatically changed for Covid-19.We do not know it’s keep going in during the pandemic or also after the pandemic. But the obvious thing is that it has changing our life style ! Our technology is as follows and we are looking forward to inquiry from you !!

Automation by using
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things


Robotic Process Automation

  • If you are doing routine tasks such as data entry and calculations on your PC every day, automation is not difficult.
  • Change the way you work with your free time by automating it!

Price: From 150,000 JPY-

Internet of things

  • You can use thermo sensor and/or humidity sensor you can check everywhere these value through internet browser. (for agriculture or factory)
  • If you have big data you will use artificial intelligence for prediction the future value.
  • As option you can add alarm information to your e-mail when equipment has error.

Price: From 100,000 JPY- ( not include equipment)

Traffic measurement

  • You need a good camera but if you have good photo or movie to measure traffic, you can count passed car / people etc.. by using artificial intelligence.
  • If you have big data you will use artificial intelligence for prediction the future value.

Price: From 800,000 JPY- ( not include equipment)

Your own artificial intelligence

  • We also have own artificial intelligence ‘Salbobot

Price: From 1,000,000 JPY- (not include equipment)

Automation social media upload

  • you can upload automatically your comments and/or photo and/or movie in your social media !

Price: From 80,000 JPY-

Mining Cryptocurrency

  • Support to do mining BTC. not only software but also GPU or any other parts you can get in your country. Of course we will calculate how much is your earning.

Price: From 180,000 JPY- (not include equipment)

Automatic information collection from internet

  • You can add weather or temperature information from other site.
  • Web scraping

Price: From 150,000 JPY-

Heat Map

Amount of walking people on street
  • Automatic information collection walking people from their mobile MAC address.
  • You can see here our heat map in Takayama city.

Price: From 380,000 JPY- (not include equipment)

Your own Web Map

We can use Google map API.

Price: From 200,000 JPY-


【Payment: Japanese Yen.We will use stripe (You can use credit card) 】
65% Contract.
35% When we send our product.
We are very welcome to contact us if you have any question !