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江戸時代から残る民家や古い商家が残る古い町並み、雄大な山 岳…。定番のスポットからガイドブックではカバーできない穴場まで地元スタッフがご紹介します。

Happy Plus is a tour guide company specializing around Takayama city. Guiding not only city side but also nature activities we are doing around Takayama. In the city private houses that have remained since the Edo period, and street where old merchant houses remain, magnificent mountains …. The local staff will introduce you from standard spots to places that can not be covered in general tours and guidebooks.

A trip to Hida Takayama that you want to visit again and again.

More to enjoy Takayama to the fullest.


we have two type of tours. One is we guide in city side of Takayama.and the other nature side around Takayama.
You can reserve or inquire by E-mail(info@happy-plus.co.jp) or Telephone (+81-577-70-8528).

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高山市内散策ツアー Tour in city side


自然を体験できる、ネイチャーツアー Nature & Adventure tours

10,000円,yen 〜

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Takayama has lots of forest and traditional buildings in the city.Recently increasing tourist more than 4 million people coming to Takayama in a year.(It’s more than 40 times population in Takayama.)Takayama festival is twice in a year. Spring and Autumn.Each of festival are different kind of parade float(This name is DASHI in Japanese).These parade float made about 400 years ago by special technical person who lived in Takayama(Hida-no-Takumi).If we reproduction new one now, this cost is more than 0.1 billion yen.


History about TakayamaMost important person of Takayama’s history is Nagachika-Kanamori.He built Takayama-Castle and castle town. He took orders from Hideyoshi-Toyotomi that attack Miki family dominated Takayama area in1585.
There are lots of historical place in Takayama area .For example JINYA/KOKUBUNJI/SHIRAKAWAGO(SHIRAKAWAGO is world heritage)/etc…
Fantastic Takayama FestivalTakayama Festival is held twice a year in spring (April 14-15) and autumn (October 9-10).These schedules are fixed every year.Lot’s of parade float appear in the city. These floats are made by ‘Hida-no-Takumi’. Some of the festival floats are decorated with called ‘karakuri ningyo’ sophisticated mechanical dolls that can move and dance. This scene is very funny and comically.Takayama Festival is a very popular event, visited by several hundred thousand people from across Japan and the world. Takayama Festival is ranked as one of Japan’s three most beautiful festivals alongside Kyoto’s Gion Matsuri and the Chichibu Yomatsuri.
Takayama Festival registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2016.

 Beautiful nature and sceneTakayama city is the largest city in Japan. It is same as Tokyo area but Takayama city of 92% are forests and mountains.(Tokyo is only 38%) .
 It’s meaning you can enjoy climb mountain, camping, showercliming , skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe, etc… .
 Takayama city is easy to access to SHIRAKAWA-GO(http://ml.shirakawa-go.org/en/),KAMIKOCHI(http://www.kamikochi.org/),and Japan Alps(Hida Mountains,Northern Alps).

食 高山が育んだ美味飛騨牛/

 Beef (Hida Beef) /
 Hida Beef known as good quality and good taste Beef. Meat with a tender fiber beautifully marbled to melt in the mouth for a rich aroma and taste. Japanese people enjoy Hida Beef not only grilled stake but also as SUSHI. 
 Hida Beef grow in good environment and control quality by association.

 Soba Noodles(Hida Soba)/
The most basic soba dish is mori soba in which boiled, cold soba noodles are eaten with a soya based dipping sauce. You can eat soba everywhere in Japan but you can experience more good fragrance one in Takayama.

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