• Welcome to Happy Plus Corporation

    Happy Plus is a tour company specializing around Takayama city and providing guiding service not only city area but also nature activities around Takayama. With us, you can explore the city full of private houses that have remained since the Edo period, and streets where old merchant houses remain, and you will be amazed by the magnificent mountains and so on ….
    Our local guide will introduce you from standard spots to places that do not cover in general tours and guidebooks.

Hot tours


Takayama city tour

3000 yen ~

Nature & Adventure tours

7000 yen ~


Our philosophy

Taking advantage of the natural resources in Takayama and conducting land and experience-based tours, we would like to increase the awareness of inbound and local visitors towards Takayama and eventually increase the number of fans in Takayama City.  

About us

PhilosophyOur goal is to make people’s lives more enjoyable through our services.
RepresentativeFounder & CEO Yoichiro Yamakoshi
Capital9,800,000 yen
Address506-0845 22 kamininomachi, Takayama City, Gifu, Japan
Establishment dateApril 2019
Travel industry
registration number
ContactMail: [email protected] TEL: +81-577-70-8528

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